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    Kale Chips The Mighty Green Snack


    Pre-heat oven to 275 degree F.

    1 head of Kale (any type will do), washed and 100% dry as you want chips not steam Kale.

    2+ tablespoons of Olive or Coconut Oil

    Sea Salt, to sprinkle over Kale

    Cracked Black Pepper, to Sprinkle over Kale


    Various types of Herbs  for sprinkling


    Cut along the vein or rib to remove and tear into 2″ pieces.

    Line baking sheet with Parchment Paper.  Add Kale pieces

    evenly spread out on baking sheet take and add oil gradually by sprinkle on

    top of Kale, then using fingers rub oil evenly of Kale pieces.

    Sprinkle Sea-Salt and Cracked Black Pepper.

    Bake for 10 minutes then turn leaves and baking 10 more minutes till

    kale is crisp.

    Place in mouth and ENJOY!!!

    Making a Healthy Snack of Kale Chips
    Making a Healthy Snack of Kale Chips
    Seth with his batch of Kale Chips
    Seth with his batch of Kale Chips
    Chief Seth really enjoyed the Mighty Green Snack, it only took three batches to confirm this. He highly recommends putting Sea-salt and fresh cracked pepper. I will have to agree with Chief Seth, as I enjoyed the Sea-Salt and Cracked Black Pepper and I also enjoyed the Hiwakai Black Hawaiian Sea-Salt and Garlic Powder.[divider_flat]


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  • Kid's Korner,  Yummy Healthy Snacks for Kids

    Snacking – Everyone Does It

    Kids Korner girl
    HI Everyone, My Name Is LILLY. Come see me weekly for new updates an    adventures!!
    What is Snacking?  The definition of snacking is to eat a snack; this means to eat between meals, to nibble, to munch or to graze. Lets just face it kid’s of all ages love to snack. Some of us snack more than others. At times we do not make good healthy choices on what we snack on. I have decided to start testing out Healthy Snacks. I know, I know, I feel the same when I hear or see the word HEALTHY in the same sentence. I ask myself, do I really want to give this a try. Yes, yes I do, along with my eight-year-old assistant, Seth.  We will pick a recipe to create.  Seth and I will both give it a try then give our reviews of how are taste buds like it.  I will then post the Recipe and our reviews along with a picture or video for your viewing.  Let us know if you tried the recipe and give us your review.  We would love to hear from you. ENJOY!
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