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Story's from our young audience and there big adventures with their angel dolls.

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    Kyrah from Houston, Texas And Her Angel Doll Iofiel

    This is so exciting we have our first Angel Doll Big Adventure story.  

    Kyrah from Houston, Texas  wrote her own story and her parents sent it in.  Her parents said, she loves her angel doll and carries it everywhere.  When she said, she wanted one, they were not sure if they should get her one as they say she really does not play with dolls. They decided to go ahead and get her one since it was for such a good cause.  Here at My Chronic Angels Inc. we customized a doll for her and made her doll smaller  than the normal angel doll size, her doll is about the size of an Original My Chronic Angel.  I have been in contact with the parents since and they said, she carries Iofiel (aka angel doll) around and shows all her friends.  They say she is proud of her angel doll and tells her friends all about it. Here is Kyrah’s  big adventure with a few pictures of Kyrah and Iofiel. When you read her story you will find out she received Iofiel on a very special day in her life. Iofiel was a gift to her by her parents the day she was baptized.   Also Kyrah is sporting one of our angel headbands in one of her pictures.  Thank you Kyrah for sending in your story and supporting  awareness to chronic disease/illness in children and adults. YES IT IS REAL!!![divider]

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    Kyrah and IofielKyrah and Iofiel w_headband