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  • Gigi J the Story-time Lady,  Kid's Korner

    WelCome GiGiJ to My Chronic Angels Inc.

     IMG_3011BOYS and GIRLS welcome to Kid’s Korner where GigiJ the story time lady will have video’s of stories, she has read or poems or teaching you prayers and even manners.  She will give a list of story’s she has on video’s along with the ones she plans on reading in the near future.  She would like you boys and girls know if you have a story you would like Miss GigiJ read please have your parents e-mail Miss GigiJ  with your name and the story you would like for her to read and when she reads your story request, she will give you a big shout out.  If Miss GigiJ does not have the story you would like her to read she will do her best to find it.  If Miss GigiJ is unable to find the story you requested she will try to find a story that may come close to the one you would like her to read.  Miss GigiJ loves to read to children and says some of her favorite adventures were on pages of books.  Girls and boys please let Miss GigiJ know that you enjoyed the story-time by having your parents comment below the video post. Also parents don’t forget to subscribe so you and your girl(s) and boy(s) know when Miss GigiJ post a new video story. Email: [email protected][divider][divider][fbshare type=”button” width=”100″]