• General Information,  Is My Chronic Angels Inc. Just for Adults?

    Is My Chronic Angels Inc. Non-Profit Only For Adults Living W/Chronic Disease/Illness/Pain?

    No, My Chronic Angels Inc. is for all ages. Chronic Disease/Illness does not care about age whether you are young or old. There will be posting of informative information for all ages. There also is a Kids Korner designed just for children. Along with informative information you will find fun activities, snack ideas, video’s. It will also have GigiJ, the story time lady’s videos, pictures, shout out to children from GigiJ from request for special days, special prayers and a list of her favorite books she will be reading, so you don’t miss out. Soon there will be sent in your adventure with you (your child) and your Angel Doll. This can be an e-mail with picture or a video to post on My Chronic Angels Inc. Blog. Tell us about the adventures you go on whether it be on vacation, to the store, doctor or hospital or off to see the grandparents or even a special event that happened and you and your angel doll was part of. We here at My Chronic Angels Inc. love to here the great adventures. Email us at: [email protected] giving us your child’s story with picture of them both or and link to find video that can be uploaded.[divider][fbshare type=”button” width=”100″]