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Our Vision

Our ultimate goal is bring awareness that Chronic Disease/Illness does exist. YES IT IS REAL!!!!

Our Mission

The mission for My Chronic Angels Inc. is a business to bring awareness and understanding Chronic Disease/Illness does not have a face, it can affect anyone, at any point, in one’s life without warning.  Much research needs to be done as this is lacking in so many Chronic Disease/Illnesses.   Many do not understand chronic diseases/Illnesses can be debilitating and even deadly.

Introduction from the CEO

Hello everyone and WELCOME. 

Jenny PurnhagenJenny here, to say thanks for visiting us.  I am the Team Leader/CEO of My Chronic Angels Inc. I want to start off by saying, I give God the glory and him the title as owner, as he is the inspiration behind My Chronic Angels Inc.  I understand God may mean something else to others and I respect this and want everyone to feel welcomed; however I refer to him as my God.   I am here to inspire you to want to do more; to give you support; courage; a voice; a shoulder, will power; inspiration, enthusiasm knowing the small things are just as important as  big things when living with Chronic Disease/Illness; to find the positive in the darkest moments you can and will go through.  How you can over come those moments or days and how to stay focus on life as a positive and how beautiful you and your body are despite the sickness and pain you are in. 

My Chronic Angels Inc. was established to help bring awareness to Chronic Disease/Illness of all kinds not a specific Chronic Disease/Illness.  You may be asking how can she do this?  Your answer to that question is as follows; I live with several different types and much aware what others like myself go through daily.   I can talk freely about what I know through my own chronic diseases.  There are so many I know so little about and that is ok. I still understand the ups and downs; the frustrations; the emotional struggles.  I understand the psychical drawbacks that can and will accrue.  God does not attend for us to walk this journey alone with him by our side and with him showing me how to express what I have been through and go through daily along with my years of research, I can help give you hope and inspire you that your Chronic Disease/Illness is not who you are. Yes, it is part of you however it is not you. To show you can live life to the fullest.  I do know and fully aware it is not an easy task.  In a lot of ways life as you knew will no longer exist.  This does not mean life is over it means this book is complete and you are embracing a new journey with a start of a new book. You have to ask yourself WHO IS IN CONTROL OF MY LIFE? My Chronic Disease/Illness or ME with the guidance of God?  With the strength of God living within you it can be done, the impossible of living a full life and I mean living not existing is very much possible.[divider][fbshare type=”button” width=”100″]

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