Devotional Moment

Holding On To God’s Strength

Angel of Scripture Amitiel believe's God's words are very powerful and clear to his children.
Angel of Scripture Amitiel believe’s God’s words are very powerful and clear to his children.

“I have strength for all thing through Christ who empowers ME”. (Philippians 4:13)

So what are you going to do with that empowerment?  I know what I’m going to do with it.   Get on  your mark; get set and go!!! I am ready.  I am equal to anything through My Daddy God who infuses strength into every cell in my body.  The enemy may take all his power to knock me down and give his best shots, however this will not stop me.  As I am a child of God and his strength is more powerful than anything the enemy has.  The warrior inside of me has already won.  You may be in the middle of the storm doing your best dog paddling your way through it.  Hold on and push forward, God has you and will not let you sink.  When the storm comes ceases you will come not only through it, you will come out stronger than you ever been, increased more than you would ever imagine, promoted in ways than you never thought possible.  When God has you nothing can tear you down.  Take a look in the mirror and say, God has me and he will see me through this storm as I am a warrior and I cannot fail. My God cannot fail so I cannot fail as the warrior inside me has already won. (words of affirmation from Florence Schovel Shinn)[divider][fblike style=”standard” showfaces=”false” width=”450″ verb=”like” font=”arial”] [fbshare type=”button” width=”100″] [google_plusone size=”standard” annotation=”none” language=”English (UK)”] 

When you ask, How can I go another day feeling like this?  When will this end and I will feel like me again?  Why do I always feel like I’m dog paddling in place? When you are going through the storm hold on tight and don’t let go.   DO NOT GIVE UP.  Just believe your sunshine is just around the mountain on the horizon.