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My All Day Affair – Treatment Time

IMG_3300This was the second chemo treatment of a two-part series (an all day affair from about 9am to about a little before 4:00pm) and round 14.      I have serve Rheumatoid Disease/Lupus/ Fibromyalgia where my organs swell and shut down and this is what keeps me alive without it I would not be among the living and there is no guarantee as it only controls it to a point. It helps with my organs from shutting down, swelling, Lupus rashes, legs/feet going purple on me and pain. I also take other medications to be able to hold out for 5 months. I just do not take medication, I do a combination of things from medications to natural remedies’ that help keep me feeling good and enjoy life.  A few examples would be yoga, massages, Aloe vera juice and many more. This is not a cure as there is no cure for any of the chronic diseases I have. It should last 6-9 months and it only last verily five months on me. This is an ongoing event for me, I’m not thrilled about it however it bets the alternative. Another blessing by doing this every 5 months, I meet some of the most wonderful individuals every-time I visit IMG_3289they say I inspire them, however I feel the complete opposite as they truly inspire me. The adorable hat, you see amongst my head was made by Ms. Terry B..   Who is fighting a form of cancer and she made it for me. WOW that means so much to me. She will be ringing the bell on September 3, 2015, as it will be number 6, so excited for her. Another blessing I receive is the caring and thoughtfulness of the nurses that take care of me when I’m there. They make you feel special and they do it for everyone having a treatment, not just certain individuals. I over heard a gentleman telling the two main nurses they cannot be out at the same time because he missed out on being spoiled by them.  I had to smile as I feel the same way.  I have been watching them interact with patients for a little over 3 years and they never change. They work so hard and hardly have time for a break as the patients come first. Since, I must have these chemo treatments, as I call it God’s way of keeping me healthy at this moment in my life. I am so glad he chose this facility. YES IT IS REAL!!! [divider][fbshare type=”button” width=”100″]