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Highlighting Chronic Disease/Illnesses Monthly

Starting September we at My Chronic Angels Inc. will be highlighting different chronic disease/illnesses.  We will try to find chronic disease/illnesses that have the same awareness month and highlight them on their month.  However, I have found many do not have an awareness month, and need to be noticed.  I will have a mixture of chronic disease/illnesses that have their own awareness months and ones that do not have awareness months.  Hopefully the ones that do not will one day as they start getting noticed more and more.  Thank you for visiting us and please come back weekly. Be sure to subscribe for updates and coupons.[divider][fbshare type=”button” width=”100″] 


    • jen

      Thank you. We also have summary’s of different chronic disease/illness that come with item bought in our online shop here at My Chronic Angels Inc. It is also a way to bring awareness of all kinds of chronic diseases/illness and not one specific type. I will be in weeks to follow there will be summary’s added to the blog. Do not forget to subscribe for a our monthly newsletter. Thank you for visiting