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Meditating for Minimum of 15 minutes – Goal for 08-21-2015

Take time out of your daily schedule to spend some quite time to meditate.  Look at your calendar and fill in at least 15 minutes per day with a scheduled time of meditating. Ok go ahead get the calendar out, start filling it in, every day do not skip a day.  The goal is daily so no cheating.  Find a place where there is no distractions or interruptions.  Find a place to where you can relax 100%.  Close your eyes and clear your mind.  You can do this with or without music.  I prefer to have soft music with nature sounds or drumming in the background.  Close your eyes and focus on emptying the mind. I like listening to the rhythm of light drumming by zoning in and letting go.  When done you should feel more alive, relaxed and if you do it correctly meaning not thinking of what you need to do, what I’m I fixing for dinner, oh yeah I need to fix the gate and so on, you get the picture. You should feel less stressed.  GOOD LUCK! I will tell you how it went for me when I post next week’s goal.  Subscribing is a good way of not missing out.[fbshare type=”button” width=”100″]