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Worry – Why Do We Let It Get the Best Of Us!!

Why do we worry so? What does it accomplish? How does it make one feel? (Video is full Devotional)

Worry, it consumes us with negative thoughts that leads to stress, anxiety. Which leads to health issues and much more.  As individual’s we tend to worry about health, finances, jobs, family, the economy to name a few.  Having a worried mind and heart makes us unproductive by drawing the energy right out of us as, this makes us weak and not rely on God’s promise.  It drains our joy, happiness, hope and yes our  faith.  We, as humans, no matter how hard we try will go through this; however when we do it is wonderful to know God is walking beside us lifting us up and carrying each one of us without letting go. God want’s his children to have a worry free life. I, myself wonder how can this be possible?  Then I remember anything is possible with God. There is no situation how big or how small that God cannot handle. God’s promise is he would never leave us or forsake us. In Matthew 6:25 it tells us not to worry about your life.  As individuals  the need to  say I will not worry is not enough, you need to replace negative thoughts of worry with God’s words.  God’s words are powerful and can change the whole dynamics of ones day.  When an individual takes worry and remodel their thoughts to God’s promises and dwell on God’s words instead of dwell on worrying about circumstances you have no control over, you will see and feel a change within in you. When you believe with you heart and soul God is in control of your life and taking care of you.  You will find joy in your heart once. Having faith is the true foundation of living a worry free life.   No one has said it will be easy.  It reminds me when one has not been eating healthy and then puts their mind, heart and soul into making a life changing decision by eating healthier and it becomes part of them, that is actually how it should be when it comes to refocusing our lives on God and not the worry’s of life and of this world.  As Corrie Ten Boom has said, ” Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow, it empties today of its strength.” In Romans 8:31, What shall we then say to these things?  If God be for us, who can be against us?

Lord, God my Father, I look to you for guidance and give me strength where I fall short.  Lord, help me not to worry about the things I cannot control. Lord in obedience to scripture I cast all my worries, concern on you, as there is nothing to big for you Lord.  That I continually look in you to guide my heart and keep fear away. Help me not to let my fears, emotions or feeling hinder your plans for me.  I ask you Lord, to reveal your perfect will in this for me, in this situation as you know all.  God I ask all this in your name Lord, AMEN. [divider][fbshare type=”button” width=”100″]